6 Reasons to Build a Custom Home


When thinking about building a custom home, or purchasing an existing home, many people tend to think that getting a custom home built is way outside of their budget. This is not always the case, when you build a custom home with home builders Banner Elk NC, such as Fairbanks Homebuilders, you can generally get a better priced home that is built around your needs and lifestyle. Below are 6 reasons why you should invest in building a custom home!

1.       Made for You!

There is something about living in a home and admiring all of the choices and finishes that were selected by you, for you. When you build your custom dream home with Fairbanks Homebuilders, you have the freedom to do more than just decorate the walls, your home will be a visual representation of you. This process allows you to express yourself in new ways, ultimately ending with a home that is custom for you, and unlike anyone else’s home.


2.       Designed for Your Lifestyle

Building a custom home means that you are starting with a blank canvas that allows you to design a home around your lifestyle. If you need large open spaces for entertaining, you can incorporate that into your design plan, or if you’d prefer to have cozy spaces with natural light, you can have that too! The possibilities are endless when you build a custom home that will fit your lifestyle perfectly.


3.       Built for Today and Tomorrow

When you purchase an existing home, you are limited to what the home has to offer as far as space. It might work for your current needs and lifestyle, but what about later? A custom home can take into consideration your current needs and your needs for the future. If you are going to have a growing family, you can accommodate that by designing the necessary space for your family’s unique needs.


4.       Location, Location, Location

As anyone will tell you, when it comes to real estate and your home, it is all about location, location, location! When you build a custom home, you are able to build where you want your home to be located. You can build on a lot in your favorite neighborhood or move to a new up and coming community if that is your preference. It is all up to you!


5.       Investment

When you build a custom home with a reputable home builder, you are given peace of mind knowing that your home is well constructed. At Fairbanks Homebuilders, you can rest assured knowing that your home is constructed using quality materials and workmanship. When you purchase an existing home, you don’t have the same assurance, as you are purchasing a home that is going to have wear and tear you’ll need to consider.


6.       Catered to Fit Your Budget

Purchasing an existing home means that you are not only purchasing the home, but you are also going to be paying for features or space that you might not need or want. Building a custom home gives you the freedom to choose where and how you spend your dollars.

At Fairbanks Homebuilders, we are in the business of building people’s dreams in the form of a unique, personalized, and affordable home that they can enjoy and make memories in for years to come. Contact us today to learn how, as home builder Banner Elk NC, we can help you have the custom home of your dreams!

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