6 Tips to Survive Home Remodeling

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Home remodeling can be an extremely stressful time for all involved. There are a few steps that you can take before, during, and after embarking on home remodeling Banner Elk NC to help mitigate some of the stress and surprises that could creep up.

While there are no guarantees during construction, following these six tips can help to make your remodeling journey easier to bear.


1.       Don’t cut corners.

For most home remodels, the costs of pulling permits, hiring a contractor, and demolition cost the same, regardless of the actual size of the project. Don’t be surprised by the cost of even a small addition or remodel job. Beware of skimping on cost to try and save a few dollars here or there. Oftentimes, trying to cut corners will result in having to spend an even greater amount of money later on to finish the job.

2.       Plan carefully.

Before you even begin demolition or construction, be sure to sit down with your architect and contractor to figure out exactly what you want in details. Take the time to think about and consider everything that you want your remodel to accomplish, and be sure to have them included in detailed plans prior to beginning work.

3.       Research proper permits.

Another important step to address prior to beginning work is to find out what permits are required for your area. Each state, county, and city has different requirements for permits and construction projects. Be sure to find out what is required before you start work, otherwise work might be put on hold till the proper permits and paperwork are compiled.

4.       Resist the urge to completely change your whole house.

If the plans that you have for your home are so ambitious and extravagant that you are bordering on transforming your house into something completely different, consider moving to another home entirely. In some cases, a simple remodel project can turn into a much bigger project. Don’t waste large amounts of money and work if the simple solution is just to move in to a different home.

5.       Don’t rush the process.

Construction takes time, and oftentimes, it is met with uncontrollable delays along the way. Don’t make any plans that are contingent upon the completion of the project. Expect the delays, and don’t be surprised when they happen, because they will happen. Take your time and build in plenty of extra time to finish your remodel without being pressured by time commitments.

6.       Communicate

As with most things, communication between you and your contractor or architect is key! This is especially true when the going gets tough and problems and delays arise. There are very few problems that can’t be resolved with open communication between parties.


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