Blowing Rock Residential Builders

Fairbanks Home Builders are Blowing Rock residential builders with a reputation for building elegant homes with full turn key services. We understand that the most important step in building a new home that will last for generations is choosing a home builder that you can trust and feel comfortable with. We collaborate throughout the process […]

Blowing Rock Remodeling Companies

In the High Country, there are lots of homes that have been built way back in the day. Some homes can even be up to 100 years old. When you have a family that’s always on the move, you may find an open concept a very important aspect to your family’s comfort. Instead of purchasing […]

Blowing Rock Outdoor Living Areas

Fairbanks Home Builders welcomes you to consult with us and gather design inspiration for your next home building project. Outdoor living areas are spaces that are sometimes forgotten, but there are so many creative and gorgeous ways to take full advantage of your property’s landscape that it would be a loss to not upgrade your […]

Blowing Rock Outdoor Fireplaces

Blowing Rock is situated in the Blue Ridge Mountain and offers many different types of landscapes and home styles. Fairbanks Home Builders design and create spectacular custom homes and Blowing Rock outdoor fireplaces. Homeowners can take advantage of the outdoors and landscaping with an outdoor entertaining space that highlights your home and property. Blowing Rock […]

Blowing Rock Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is the command center of your house. Whether you are preparing a hurried Toast-and-OJ Tuesday morning breakfast or an all out Christmas dinner for the whole family, your kitchen is the one place you always need to have in tip top shape and able to be easily maneuvered. When your kitchen is no […]

Blowing Rock Kitchen Remodels

The kitchen is the hub of your house. Whether you are preparing a hurried Waffles-and-Toast Wednesday morning breakfast or an all out Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family, your kitchen is the one place you can always easily maneuver and feel comfortable in. When your kitchen is no longer functioning to meet the needs of […]

Blowing Rock Home Repair

Fairbanks Custom Home Builders are a growing name in construction and renovation in the High Country. Based in Boone, North Carolina, our team has been a name you can trust for nearly a decade. Our expertise and knowledge of our field speaks for itself in the work we have done in the surrounding areas. Our […]

Blowing Rock Home Renovation Builders

When you are searching a professional contractor to remodel a room in your home, or the entire home you want to trust a home builder that holds the proper certifications and can acquire the necessary permits needed for the project. It is wise to find out about past client experiences and check all reviews. Fairbanks […]

Blowing Rock Home Remodeling

Your home is an important aspect of your life. It is where your family starts and ends its day. Maybe you have had the same house for years and you are not quite ready to move, but you absolutely cannot continue living your normal lives with your current house the way it is. When your […]

Blowing Rock Home Builders

The High Country of North Carolina is a beautiful place. The mountains provide a backdrop for any beautiful setting known to man. When you are considering moving to the High Country there is a lot to think about. Where should you look? Would you rather be in a more remote location or right in the […]