Blowing Rock Green Building

There are many benefits to building Energy Star certified homes. From the peace of mind to the lower energy bill, green building is something you most certainly want to consider when building or adding on to a new home. If you are in the High Country and looking for professionals capable of Blowing Rock green […]

Blowing Rock Energy Star

Energy efficient homes are a growing trend around the world. Not only do they help give you peace of mind that you will be comfortable in your home, your wallet will also thank you. The High Country of North Carolina is quickly becoming a sustainable and energy efficiency conscious area. If you are in need […]

Blowing Rock Energy Efficient Home Builders

When searching for a green home builder that is certified in energy efficient home design techniques, we know that you want to be sure that you are working with a company that has taken the extra time to go through the necessary education and licensing. If you are searching for Blowing Rock energy efficient home […]

Blowing Rock Custom Homes

Fairbanks Custom Home Builders are the premier contracting company for Blowing Rock custom homes. If you’re in the market for a new home in the High Country, there isn’t anything our team of contractors won’t be able to help you with. Rather than searching for a home that’s been on the marketing for a while, […]

Blowing Rock Custom Home Builders

Fairbanks Home Builders is a team of highly skilled and trained craftsmen ready to go to work for you. We are the premier Blowing Rock custom home builders and we invite you to see why. With nearly a decade of experience, we guarantee 100% satisfaction with our company and our work. Fairbanks has the knowledge, […]

Blowing Rock Custom Builders

Fairbanks Custom Home Builders is a team of highly skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work on homes around the High Country. With nearly a decade of experience, Fairbanks has the expertise and knowledge to check everything off your wish list. Perfection isn’t just a pipe dream with Fairbanks Custom Home Builders, it is […]

Blowing Rock Contractor Services

The High Country is a beautiful place to be. It is no wonder why so many people aspire to make this area their home. Fairbanks Home Builders is the premier and most sought after of the Blowing Rock contractor services. When you are looking for a new custom house with all the bells and whistles, […]

Blowing Rock Contractors

If you are looking for a change in scenery, what better place to be than the mountains. If you are tired of having sand constantly all over hour house or sick of the miles and miles of 5 o’ clock traffic, the High Country is the place for you. With Watauga and Avery County nestled […]

Blowing Rock Bath Remodels

Your bathroom is the oasis of your house. Your family spends a good time in the bathrooms of your home. From getting ready in the morning to pampering yourself with a bubble bath and candles to brushing your teeth before you go to bed at night, you want your bathroom to be comfortable and clean […]

Boone Home Remodeling Contractors

Have you been contemplating re-working a part of your home or adding on certain features that may add value? There are lots of ways you can re-make and improve your home. A lot of times our Boone home remodeling contractors are called out to knock out walls for extra spaces in existing rooms, or remodeling […]