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Custom Home Trends of 2019

As a leading custom home builder in North Carolina, it is imperative that we stay ahead of the trends, make recommendations to our homeowners, and build people’s dreams in a way that are both modern, and timeless. In a review of this year, it’s time to take a look at the newest trends we have seen in 2019.

Small, but open floor plans

Homeowners are still looking for open floor plans in their custom homes, however, there is now a caveat. The trend is moving toward open, modestly sized houses rather than large footprints. The idea here is that a modern home should be designed to create warm, intimate atmospheres. It is our job to create a space that has a cozy feel, yet open design. Rooms are now being separated by lighting, decor, and unique flooring options.


All-Natural Style

As far as the overall aesthetic for both furniture and home design, 2019 is going to represent a reflection of nature. Custom-built homeowners often look for plant decor, minimalist features, and wooden furniture accents. Homeowners want spaces that are easier to maintain.  Anything that connects a home back to the environment while also requiring minimal care is considered a must have for 2019.


Interior colors move from warm to cool

While we all enjoyed the deep warm colors of 2015, the transformation from large and overstated has shited to subtle and cozy. Color patterns in homes are now defined as “cool colors” indicating a matte gray color pattern, often accented with navy blues and light tans. Popping a color, or accenting, is popular now but only in small doses that catch the eye, but do not detract from the natural feeling ambiance of the room. Craftsmanship take the forefront of design now.


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