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Custom Home Trends of 2020

Are you planning on building a new home or updating your existing home in 2020? Make sure to give it a look that won’t go out of style a few years from now. Here are some of the top custom home trends you need to look out for:

Double Islands

We utilize kitchen island counters in many different ways. Some of us use them as prep space when cooking or preparing cocktails, while others add a sink and use them for washing dishes. If you think that your kitchen has more space available, you can add a second island and give yourself the luxury of being able to do several of these things in any given day. But ultimately, it’s up to you how you’ll utilize the double islands.

Open Shelves

Back in the day, small homes were mostly the only ones that utilized open shelves. In fact, the main reason why the open shelves trend boomed was because of the growth of small homes that started using them. Although large closed cabinets are effective for storage, they make tiny homes look more cramped. On the other hand, open shelves can give any space a more open look. Here’s a fun fact: many owners of larger homes are starting to drop closed cabinets in favor of open shelves so that they can take advantage of the open look it provides.

Bathroom Spas

Bathroom spas are a trend that’s becoming more common in American homes. This high-end feature comes in many different design styles that homeowners can pick from. Some homeowners go for a more contemporary and industrial look with rock-based materials, while others choose a more open and tranquil atmosphere with wood and plants. Saunas, built-in bathtubs, skylights over the shower, and rain showerheads are some of the specific elements in spa bathrooms.

Shades of Blue

Classic Blue is the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year, so it only makes sense to go for shades of blue this year. Deep blues and other jewel-toned colors are great for adding stunning color to your home. You can keep up with this beautiful trend by giving the following things in your home a classic blue color: wallpaper, décor, furniture, linens, pillows and throws, rugs, window treatments, artwork, paint, and so much more.

Outdoor Renovations

Many young homebuyers are giving a greater focus on the outdoor space. These buyers are known for being animal lovers and environmentalists who would put their dogs first when making homebuying decisions. This means that a large yard is an almost mandatory requirement for some homebuyers, who are likely to also utilize this space for entertainment purposes. Some potential outdoor renovations include gazebos, outdoor cooking areas, and additional patio space.

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