Boone NC construction custom laundry room

What to Incorporate Into a Custom Laundry Room

Building a custom home allows you to design every detail to your exact specifications. This includes designing the layout and location of your laundry room. There is a lot of advice on where and what to include in your custom laundry room, which is why at Fairbanks Home Builders, your Boone NC construction team have compiled some of our favorite advice into one helpful guide for designing the perfect custom laundry room for you.

Adequate Lighting

Having adequate lighting, either natural or artificial, is essential in helping to make a laundry room feel light, bright and spacious. Having enough lighting also will prevent your laundry room from being a space that you dread going into, as it appears dark and drab, similar to the illustrations of Victorian-era sculleries. In addition, having enough lighting will allow you to easily read care labels on clothing, along with instructions on cleaning products.

Ample Storage

In order to do laundry, you are going to need the necessary supplies, such as laundry soap, fabric softener, dry sheet, Clorox, stain fighter, etc. For all of these necessary supplies, you are going to want to have ample storage to keep them handy, yet out of your way. The most common solution is to have a couple of open shelves installed above your washer and dryer which allow for easy access.


When doing laundry, make it easy on yourself by not having to search for the stain remover or bleach because it didn’t get put away from the last time it was used. These items should be placed alongside the other products routinely used for laundry, on the shelves above the washer and dryer. Another good organizing tip to keep in mind is to have all stain-fighting chemicals stored in a clear bin that is clearly labeled, where they are easy to find. Hang a stain removal tips and tricks sheet next to the stain removers. Be sure the sheet is laminated to protect it so that you can quickly glance at your reference sheet next time you are working to get a stain removed.

Flat Surface for Folding

An element that can turn doing laundry into an enjoyable task instead of a dread one, is to incorporate a flat surface where you can easily fold your laundry as it comes out of the dryer. When designing a custom laundry room, you can incorporate a table, counter space, or an island that is designated for folding laundry. Additionally, you can incorporate more storage, such as a drawer or more open shelving beneath your flat surface to hold miscellaneous laundry items. This will help to make folding laundry a task that you enjoy doing rather than dread.

Plenty of Space

In order to adequately incorporate all of these elements into your laundry room, you are going to need to dedicate plenty of space to your laundry room. Give yourself plenty of room to be able to fit your washer and dryer comfortably with plenty of room to walk around and storage for necessary supplies. You’ll be glad that you have enough space to comfortably do laundry when you go in to throw a load into the washer.

A good laundry room will include good lighting, ample amounts of storage, provide for organization, with space for sorting, washing, and folding, and ironing clothing. Let Fairbanks Home Builders and our Boone NC construction team help you build your custom home, complete with a custom laundry room that will make doing laundry a little bit easier!

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