What You Should Look for in a Home Builder


Embarking on the journey of building your own custom home is an exciting, long-term commitment not only for you as the soon-to-be homeowner, but for your home builders Boone NC as well. Because you are going to be working closely with your chosen contractor throughout the duration of construction and beyond, it is imperative that you find the right contactor for your home building needs. With numerous home contractors available, how do you decide which one is going to be best for you? Here we will discuss 5 different criteria to consider that will help you to select the right home builder for you!

1. Is the builder putting your interest before theirs?

This can be difficult to gauge when you first meet with a contractor, which is why you should have several meetings with each prospective builder to get a feel for each one. Ask for referrals from previous clients, and be sure to follow up with the given list. What are each builders’ intentions for the project? How willing are they to accommodate your needs without pushing their agenda? You want to find a builder that is anxious to meet your expectations, while also consulting with you at every stage along the way to completing the project.

2. Is the builder honest?

Honesty in construction goes beyond just saying the right things. Honesty is including you in all decisions, not just major decisions, and giving you constant, frank updates. If something goes wrong, or a problem presents itself, the builder should share that information with you and describe exactly how the problem will be rectified. This is another opportunity for you to consult with previous clients and get a feel for how honest the builder has been with homeowners in the past. Consult online consumer reviews, but remember to keep in mind that some reviews could be susceptible to potential bias.
3. How realistic is the builder being?

You want a builder that is going to have realistic expectations regarding your project. You don’t want a builder that makes promises that sound too good to be true, only to find out mid-way through the project that they were “too good”. Ideally, you want a builder that under promises, and over delivers. Realistic home builders tend to be more experienced and more professional than those who make unrealistic promises. Homebuilders who have little experience will generally estimate low, and compromise on delivery.

4. How well does the builder meet deadlines?

Another important aspect to consider is, how well does the builder meet deadlines? While delays are to be expected, as they are a natural part of construction, a good contractor will work hard to complete the project on time with the highest level of quality. If you use a contractor that hires out to subpar subcontractors, they will be delivering a subpar completed job to you. Having a contractor that works hard to meet deadlines is a sign of professionalism that you want to have building your home.

5. Does the builder go above and beyond?

While some builders will think that by doing “just enough” to meet expectations they are doing a good job, you are going to want to find a builder that goes beyond doing the bare minimum. Look for a builder that strives to go outside the norm to deliver a quality job by doing the little extra things. Look for evidence of a builders providing superior service when searching for a contractor for your home.

While this is not a fully comprehensive list, it is a start that will get you thinking about what you should be looking for in home builders Boone NC. Take the time to do your research and find a quality builder that you can trust and be happy to work with not only for the duration of the construction process, but after as well. Investing in a contractor such as Fairbanks Homebuilders means that you will be getting an honest, reliable contractor who will work hard for you, while striving to meet all deadlines!

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